Can female doctors have their nails done?

I am speaking about length, colors, and nail art.

Yes they can. But they dont have long nails for a reason. They can harm pts as well as its unsanitary and unprofessional. Drs and nurses main tools is their hands as well as eyes nose and ears.

As others have stated, it depends on the area of practice. Generally health care workers are not permitted to have long nails, artificial nails, or nail polish (apart from clear), because artificial nails and chipped polish can harbour bacteria.

Surgeons and OB/gyns who operate are encouraged not to wear nail polish. Med students on these rotations aren’t supposed to wear nail polish either. When you scrub in for surgery, you aren’t supposed to have anything (rings, watches, jewelry, nail polish) on your hands. Make-up and nail polish reduce our ability to monitor you during surgery. While in surgery, you will have a probe placed on the end of your finger to read the oxygen level in your blood. This probe cannot read through artificial nails or nail polish.