Can I buffed my nails?

I buffed my nails too thin on accident, now it sort of hurts… will my nails be okay?

Yes it will be okay and heal eventually - try to not buff them in a while. This is normal and happens a lot - especially when you are still learning how to do nails - it might even happen a few times whilst you are learning. Try to give your nails some time to heal, if you continue whilst it is hurting you can ruin your nail bed completely…

1st don’t panic it can happen,clean and perhaps apply a product like clear gel polish to help you not feel so sore. This will burn so only keep in lamp a few seconds at a time or use regular polish to protect your nail bed from hurting but it’s not as good at it.Don’t buff or file surface anymore until grown out.They will grow out just like a bad hair cut. good diet can help them to grow out much wishes!