How often should you let your nails "breathe" so to speak?

I like wear nail polish but was told that I shouldn’t be wearing nail polish all the time b/c it’s bad for the nail bed. I tend to change the color about 2x a week

No no no lies!! Nails do not need to breath!! They actually don’t like water and keeping product in your nails helps prevent them from soaking up water. If they soaking up too much water they get weak and peel or break easier!

Your nails don’t need to “breathe.”In fact, visible nail is just dead cells. Your finger may hurt when you break a nail pretty low but it’s not because the nail broke, it’s because the skin underneath has nerves and such.

There is no need to let your nails “breathe”. They are made from keratin and once the nail grows past your nail bed at the tip of your finger, it’s dead.polish remover is drying, so I don’t recommend changing color more than once a week. Using a good quality cuticle oil 2-3 times daily will help keep your nails from becoming dehydrated. Apply on top of the nail, right over the polish and also under the free edge of your nail. Massage the oil into your skin and nails. Don’t wash it off. That should help keep your nails in good condition.