Is there a secret to do nail art?

What are some tip for people learning how to do nail art?

Beginners to nail art required some steps before doing nail art: simple and easy designs.Use house hold products to make a design on nail such as toothpick, bobby pins, cotton bud.Practice nail art designs on artificial nails to get better results.

Practice, practise then practice some more. Start simple and always buy the best quality you can afford. Its much much easiere with good quality products. Also always practice doing art with both hands.

First, I would put patience. If you have patience you can compensate your lack of experience. Then, only paint your nails when you are in the mood of doing that. Don’t start if you think you won’t like how it will turn out. Don’t try hard things, don’t try detailed designs. Try what you like with your basic tools. You need to buy somthing at first, just diy them! This is what I did and although I have some experience, I still do what I want, when I want.