What are some of the nail art ideas/ to try at home?

I need help , i have no idear about design nail art at home

Oh, there are tons of cool things that you can do at home. You can play with different polishes and supplies to do simple to complex designs on your nails.

You can add a little bling and sparkle to your nails with instant nail polish wraps. There are plenty of fab designs in vibrant colours and they are very cheap and easy to apply. You can wear them under or over nail color or as accent pieces.

Nail art has become a craze these days. But do you know that it is very easy to do your nail art at home.You can try lot of nail art designs like Matte black, nude nails, polka dots, or bow tie style. Here is the sample of bow tie style nail art.Remember, your nails are a very small canvas and it is essential that the art you choose is not too crowding.

You can try lots of nail art designs at home like with striping tape, playing with polka dots, water transfer decals work best, you can use 3D decals as well.

Recently I have tried this nail design,But to be honest, I prefer professionally done manicure.