What is going on with my polygel top coat?

Help! What is going on with my polygel top coat??? And this after I cured them. Why am I getting these dry spots? May have to zoom in to see.

I get this sometimes too. I have no idea what causes it but it’s usually fixed by applying another layer of top coat.

Did you buff your nails?

I hate when this happens. It happens to me every now and then too. I’ve found for some reason it happens to me every single time with one specific top coat I own by young nails, which is weird b/c their products are always really good. I’ve even seen people on youtube use the same exact top coat and it doesn’t happen to them, so I’ve started wondering if maybe it could be related to curing certain top coats too long or holding them too close to the lamp or maybe even buffing too smooth? I’m not totally sure, but I typically file it off and use a different topcoat when this happens.

Were there bubbles in the top coat when you applied it?

Huh…that is really weird. What about your lamp? Did you maybe bump the inside of it?