What is the best nail tool?

What are the essential tools to do nail art?

I’m a nail tech who specialises in nail art so I use a wide range of things to achieve the desired effect. But years ago when I got into nail art and had little idea of what I was doing, I would utilise nail stickers over brightly coloured polish which was effective and very, very easy. From there I bought specific nail art polishes that come with the long, thin striping brushes and started practicing doing tiger stripes and leopard sports on my own nails.You can do some really cool nail art with some basic equipment:Nail art polishes with striping brushes (black and white especially, plus an empty bottle with some polish remover in it so you can use the brush for any other colour)Dotting tools in a range of sizes,extra porous makeup sponges to create gradient effectsan angled brush to remove polish off skin around the nails,a good top coat (vettsy is the best brand in my opinion)a range of coloured polishes and nail polish remover.

There are many techniques for doing nail art, they range from basic to advance. Whenever you are going to do nail art, you should start with basic and then move to advanced technique.Tools required for basic nail art:Nail art brush set,Nail art dotting tool,Nail polishes,Nail polish remover,Top coat.

To be honest, there’s no “essential” tool for doing nail art except for the nail polish and top coat. If your design requires any such tool like a brush or sticker or stamp, you can get one, otherwise, you can do any design using a single thin brush and other stationery at home like bell pins, tape, cotton bud, etc.