Whats the healthiest way to wrap natural nails?

Hey lovelies!! I was wondering with all these different kinds of ways to extend your nails, what is the least harmful method for the nail?I have gotten my nails wrapped in acrylic for years and everytime it’s time to come off, I notice my nails are paper thin, brittle and falling off. I’ve been seeing on YT woman using polygel or fiber gel with nail forms and when they take the nails off their nails are still intact (or appears to be)So my question is, for someone wanting to use nail extension services to grow, strengthen and protect their natural nails, which method(s) is/are the best in your experience? Thanks a bunch!

What’s hard gel? Is it like polygel or acrylic? There are so many different products to use it’s overwhelming :joy::joy:

@Misha_Macc It also called builder gel. Look it up on YouTube. It is a lot thicker and strong enough to build extensions with. I use it as an overlay on my own nails.

I do hard gel, too. Just ordered poly gel to try it out, no idea what is in it. Hard gel is a resin that hardens in a UV lamp. Hard gel does not come off with acetone - which is really handy for me as I 'd like to not ruin my mani while doing someone else’s. There are “soak off” gels which do not require sanding off. I like to put a coat of clear gel down first, then whatever on top (regular polish or gel with color) and then never take the gel base off. I can use 100% acetone without harming my nails, to take off the regular polish. When using an efile to take off gel color, I only take off the top layer(s) and never go all the way down to the natural nail. My nails are usually flakey and thin, but are now growing out nicely. :slight_smile:

So wait. How does the hard gel come off? When filing you just file the color off not the hard gel nail right? Do they do hard gels in the salons? I have never heard of hard gel, this is a entirely new concept to me lol.

I did a little research between IG and YT, I have definitely seen older woman use this when I go to the nail salon and always wondered what it was.How do they get it off? Do they just file it off and if they do does your real nail need to be filed as well? For either removal or application? Thanks

Do you use the nail extensions or do you just apply the hard gel to your natural nail with nail forms?