Which polygel nail kit for beginners?

I wanna buy a polygel nail kit but i have never used it before is it easy for beginners?

Get it! I love poly gel its so much easier to mess with rather than acrylic and regular gel. I use 2 different brands, vettsy and shion :blush: good luck if u get it!

Does the poly gel stay on as well as acrylic?

We always order it . Too much to go thru to do my nails.

Where can I buy?

Learning curve sure but it’s where I started and I’m on to builder gel now?

Polygel nails are new thing in the market and it’s very reliable and easy to use. you should definitely use it if you want your nails to look better. I am sure you won’t regret using it.
In case you want to but here you can: https://polygelnailkit.shop